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Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 9 : Easter

3pm CET Europe
Kobe Shoin Women’s University Chapel

14,00 € – B+A+C+H: the regular price

The Concert

After outstanding performances in the Leipzig Ring of Cantatas in 2018, here is a new opportunity to see and hear the Bach Collegium Japan. This ensemble can look back over a success story of 30 years, with performances all over the world. The musicians, led by Masaaki Suzuki, are more than familiar with Bach’s cantatas: between 1995 and 2014 they released highly respected, award-winning recordings of the complete cantatas. This time, they will be performing works ranging from Bach’s early composition »Christ lag in Todesbanden« to his festive mature work, the Easter Oratorio. Throughout his life, Johann Sebastian Bach illustrated episodes from the life of Jesus of Nazareth in music – from the annunciation to the ascension. In other words, Bach worked his whole life long on a musical story of the life and work of the Redeemer. In short, on a »Messiah«. The 2021 Bachfest has put together a »Messiah«, a cycle of twelve concerts that can will be streamed on five consecutive days. It comprises 33 selected cantatas, the three Oratorios, and the St. Matthew Passion. Readings from the Gospels underlying the cantatas, in Luther’s translation (written 500 years ago at Wartburg Castle) and performed by renowned German actor Ulrich Noethen, provide the narrative of the action and set the cantatas in their biblical context.

The Programme

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 625

Christ ist erstanden, BWV 276

Kommt, eilet und laufet, BWV 249

Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden, BWV 6

Link to the program

The Musicians

Masato Suzuki, organ
Ulrich Noethen, narrator
Aki Matsui, soprano
Noriyuki Kubo, alto
Makoto Sakurada, tenor
Toru Kaku, bass
Bach Collegium Japan
Masaaki Suzuki
– Leader

Videos on demand

Live from St Thomas church or as kept as a recording for re-watching:
Our concerts offer you Bach in all his variety, with the best performers in historic locations - and always worth to be rediscovered.

Video on demand

Leipzig Bachfest: No 48 Bach cantatas w/ organ obbligato II

A beautiful selection of cantatas with organ highlights

#bach #leipzigbachfest #wearefamily #leipzig
Video on demand

Leipzig Bachfest: No 14 Sonatas and partitas I

Amandine Beyer plays Bach's virtuoso sonatas and partitas

#bach #leipzigbachfest #AmandineBeyer #leipzig
Video on demand

Leipzig Bachfest: No 50 Cellosuites and Loop inventions II

Bach's cello suites played by Sergey Malov, cello da spalla

#bach #leipzigbachfest #SergeyMalov #leipzig
Video on demand

Leipzig Bachfest: No 39 Cellosuites and Loop inventions I

Bach's cello suites played by Sergey Malov, cello da spalla

#bach #bachfestleipzig #SergeyMalov #leipzig
Video on demand

Orchestra of the Bach Foundation St Gallen

#gettoknowmore #bachstiftunginthueringen
Video on demand

Eroica Berlin

„ET LUX“ - A requiem by Johann Sebastian Bach

#requiem #lifeanddeath
Video on demand


Missa Miniatura

#veryspecial, #refreshing, #abitradically
Video on demand

Freiburger BarockConsort

Actus Tragicus

#cantatas #dreamteam #baroque
Video on demand

SingFest Choral Academy Hong Kong & lautten compagney BERLIN

Bach's St. John Passion as a show trial

#stjohnspassion #performances #veryunique
Video on demand

337th birthday of Bach, celebrated at St Agnus Church

A "Hausmusik" party on the occasion of JSB's birthday

#homefeelings, #intimate, #family, #bestwithfriends, #veryspecial
Video on demand

Jean Rondeau

Works by Bach, Frescobaldi, Sweelinck, Froberger, and Böhm

#harpsicord #youngandtalented #baroque
Video on demand

Anthony Romaniuk

#rhodes #harpsichord #bells
Video on demand

Solomon's Knot

Johann Sebastian Bach: cantatas

#dontmissit, #almostchristmas
Video on demand

Hille Perl & Mahan Esfahani

Sonatas for viola fa gamba

#mustsee, #2talentsinonespot, #sonatas
Video on demand

Amarcord & lautten compagney BERLIN

Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach

#acapella, #cantatas, #veryspecial
Video on demand

The English Concert

St John Passion BWV 245

#stjohnpassion, #passion, #youareabelieverornot
Video on Demand

Goldberg Variations Take One

Goldberg Variations Take One

#movie #veryspecial #goldbergpart1
Video on Demand

Goldberg Variations Take Two

Goldberg Variations Take One

#movie #veryspecial #goldbergtaketwo
Video on demand

Francesco Tristano

Works by Tristano, Bach and Frescobaldi

#surprise, # electro, #piano
Video on demand

MIKIS TAKEOVER! Ensemble feat. Marc Romboy

Bach is techno - A live-mix of violin, beats and Bachs music

#bachistechno, #electro, #beats
Video on demand

Closing Concert

#farewell, #welcome, #GottholdSchwarz, #Bach-Medaille
Video on demand

Alisa Weilerstein plays Bach

The suites for solo cello Nos. 1-3

#cello, #meditation, #architecture
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 9 : Easter

Bach Collegium Japan, Masaaki Suzuki

#Japan, #Messiah, #Faith, #worldwide
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 10 : Farewell to the disciples

Collegium Vocale 1704, Collegium 1704, Václav Luks

#Messiah, #Farewell, #Prague, #Choir
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 11 : Ascension and Pentecost

Gaechinger Cantorey, Hans-Christoph Rademann

#Messiah, #Faith, #Cantata, #Stuttgart
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 6 : Jesus’ parables and miracles II

Eric Ericsons Kammarkör, Lautten Compagney Berlin, Wolfgang Katschner

#Messiah, #Miracles, #Faith, #Choir
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 7 : Entry into Jerusalem

Gaechinger Cantorey, Hans-Christoph Rademann

#Messiah, #Jerusalem, #Stuttgart, #Faith
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 8 : Passion

Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir, Ton Koopman

#Messiah, #Faith, #Koopman, #Amsterdam
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 3 : Childhood, baptism and calling of the disciples

Collegium Vocale 1704, Collegium 1704, Václav Luks

#Collegium1704, #Prague, #Messiah, #Choir
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 4 : Sermon on the Mount and first miracles

Bach Collegium Japan, Masaaki Suzuki

#Japan, #Kobe, #Messiah, #worldwide
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 5 : Jesus’ parables and miracles I

RIAS Kammerchor, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Justin Doyle

#Messiah, #Choir, #London, #Faith
Video on demand

Bach’s Messiah 2 (part one) : Birth

Thomanerchor Leipzig, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Thomaskantor Gotthold Schwarz

#Christmas, #Thomaner, #Choir, #Messiah
Video on demand

Bach’s Messiah 2 (part two) : Birth

Thomanerchor Leipzig, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Thomaskantor Gotthold Schwarz

#Messiah, #Christmas, #Thomaner, #Choir
Video on demand

Bach´s Messiah 1 : Promise

Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir, Ton Koopman

#Messiah, #Koopman, #Choir
Video on demand
No items found.

Dmitry Sinkovsky: Singing with and without an instrument

Cantatas and Concertos with La Voce Strumentale from Moscow

#violin, #countertenor, #moscow, #virtuoso
Video on demand
No items found.

Lebenslicht - a film by Clara Pons

Philippe Herreweghe conducts Bach - for a film without words

#movietime, #soundtrack, #moving
Video on demand
No items found.

Bach's Suites for cello with Steuart Pincombe

An intimate chamber music performance in Missouri (USA)

#cello, #solo, # nature
Video on demand

Christoph Prégardien sings Bach's famous solo cantatas

with violinist Leila Schayegh and Le Concert Lorrain

#singing, #violin, #confidence, #hope
Press conference

Press conference for the launch from the Bach Archive in Leipzig

The new streaming platform

Video on demand

Bach – Hear with your eyes

Music and sign language

#BachMarathon, #signlanguage, #inclusion
Video on demand

At Bach’s Home

Songs from Schemelli's Songbook with Klaus Mertens

Video on demand


A Gewandhaus Konzertmeister plays Bach’ Chaconne

#Chaconne, #touchstoneofaviolinplayer
Video on demand

Helmuth Rilling at Bach's baptismal font in Eisenach

The final concert of the Weimar Bach Cantata Academy 2017

#sacredmusic, #tearsofjoy, #younggeneration, #international, #legendary
Video on demand

More than just music

The Weimar Bach Cantata Academy: A Tilo Krause film

#nextgeneration, #Bachrocks, #emotions, #sightseeing
Video on demand

Passion – Concert from Wednesday, 19 June 2019

St John Passion, BWV 245 (1725 version) with Solomon’s Knot

#passion, #suffering
Video on demand

Ring of Cantatas 2

Concerton 9 June 2018 with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra

Video on demand


»Great, expressive« lamenti and musical »world literature«

#griefandlament, #trustinGod
Video on demand

Lecture-recital »for the amusement of the mind«

Brillant harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani plays and explains …

#Clavier-Übung, #sparkling
Video on demand

Warm-Up with Bach Chorales IV

To listen or to sing along: That is the question!

#chorales, #acapella
Video on demand

Bach´s 335th birthday celebration at the Koethen Prinzenhaus

Bach's first birthday in times of a pandemic

#family, #perfectwithwine, #minimalistic
Video on demand

336th birthday of Bach, celebrated at St Agnus Koethen

A "Hausmusik" party on the occasion of JSB's birthday

#home, #intimate, #family, #bestwithfriends


Karl-Heine canal

In the middle of the 19th century, the decision was made to connect Leipzig to the waterway network by means of a canal from the Elster to the Saale - a plan that has not been fully implemented to this day. However, the 2 mile long section through the Plagwitz district in the west of Leipzig, named "Karl Heine Canal" after the man who came up with the idea, is today a cultural monument of a special kind. On foot, by bike or by boat, you can marvel at the brick buildings of the Plagwitz industrial quarter, most of which are now in new use, as well as the Wilhelminian architecture along the banks.

Learn MOre

Störmthal and "its" lake

In 1723, Bach's first official journey as Thomaskantor took him to the small village of Störmthal in the south of Leipzig to test a new organ - which he inaugurated a short time later with a specially composed cantata. Today, this organ is one of the few Bach organs largely preserved in its original condition. Lignite was mined right next to the village in the 20th century. Today, the opencast mine has been replaced by Lake Störmthal ("Störmthaler See"), on the western shore of which the new "Johann Sebastian Bach Forest" is currently growing on 72 acres.

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